VekstvilkaÌŠr, Mette Karlsvik

VekstvilkaÌŠr, Mette Karlsvik

A book by Norwegian author Mette Karlsvik. ‘VekstvilkaÌŠr — Handbok til Henriks Hage’? Published by Spriten Forlag, Norway

“An extremely beautiful little book, it has been, that through his play with manual format, trying to say something about how to make our lives to germinate and grow in the times we live in now”
Knut Hoem, NRK, Culture News, 8/4/14

“It is a true hybrid, where Karlsvik blends a Norwegian monastic history of Skien city history […]”
Ingunn Økland, Aftenposten, 03/16/14

“One of the most stunning books”
NRK, Bok in P2, 19/04/14