An overview of a visual agency's recent work, including identities, digital projects, print design and books. Case studies are also available to download.

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a visual agency is a design practice based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We specialise in the delivery of visual identities, communication strategies and marketing projects. 
 Our design expertise spans typography, letterpress, print, packaging, books and exhibitions, 
 overlapping with digital strategy, web, social media and motion graphics.

a visual agency is run by Emlyn Firth, an award winning designer with fifteen years experience of 
 working for both commercial brands and cultural sector clients.

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a visual agency builds bespoke teams around our projects.

Our design process is always informed by research, innovation and craft. We believe these are the cornerstones 
 of creating appropriate, exciting and effective work.

Our years of experience delivering design to the highest standards across a range of sectors means we pay meticulous attention to the detail and management of every project that comes through our studio.

An overview of a visual agency's commissions and projects which include textile design, public art, typography and teaching.

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just / just festival

just / just festival

A renaming and rebranding of a charitable organisation and fringe festival based in Edinburgh.

Formerly ‘The Festival of Spirituality and Peace’, a visual agency were approached to produce a complete renaming and rebranding of the organisation, which had grown from a singular seasonal festival.

The name ‘just’ was chosen – robust, but elegant, and hinting at the spiritual, charitable and activist roots of the organisation and its activity. It also allowed us to ‘snap-on’ the various activity strands such ‘conversations’ and ‘performances’, and then create a composite of these for the ‘just festival’ identity.

The rebrand was an instant hit, vastly improving the festival’s visibility and ticket sales, and giving renewed unified purpose
to the charity’s year-round activity.

Produced in collaboration with Sophie Dyer.